Medical 4×4 Response in Sussex

During adverse weather conditions, 4×4 Assist Sussex can support local GP’s, midwives and other medical staff to reach their patients whatever the road conditions.

Our trained and experienced 4×4 Response drivers are registered with a number of local surgeries around the county and are available to be called upon when snow or road flooding stops staff giving urgent assistance.

Doctors who need assistance in reaching patients in areas during adverse weather can be helped by 4×4 Assist Sussex.

Our vehicles can allow Doctors to reach rural villages, country lanes or hard to reach areas if covered by snow or flood waters.

This service is offered free of charge to the NHS.

Midwives can be responsible for visiting patients who are due to give birth in the near future – and sometimes they are called upon to help when someone is delivering a baby.

4×4 Assist Sussex transports midwives to urgent calls when they are unable to access the patient due to adverse weather conditions.

Most Pharmacies offer a much valued delivery service of urgent medical supplies to their patients.

Many elderly people throughout the county rely on these as they cannot always get out of the house to collect them.

During adverse weather conditions, Pharmacies are able to call upon 4×4 Assist Sussex to help deliver urgent medical supplies to those who need them urgently, such as the elderly, disabled and children.

During adverse weather, Paramedics do not always have access to 4×4 vehicles to tackle difficult terrain.

There have been circumstances where Ambulances have been stuck in snow and not been able to complete their call-out.

4×4 Assist Sussex are on hand during snowy conditions to help tow vehicles to safety.

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