What we do at 4×4 Assist Sussex

team-pic-2000-24×4 Assist Sussex supplies response vehicles for medical staff transportation purposes in adverse weather, vehicle recovery, event support, emergency services assistance and help with community resilience projects.

Our volunteers are members of the local community who wish to put their own 4×4 vehicles to good use and help to preserve life in the county. 4×4 Assist Sussex vehicles are regularly maintained and all drivers have passed a strict driving assessment provided by RoSPA Sussex.

Our ethos is to offer:

  • Highly-trained responders with highly capable 4×4 vehicles
  • Preserve life and limb of the community
  • Help in any condition that requires a 4×4 vehicle
  • Work with large businesses, event co-ordinators, communities and local authorities to integrate our services into their resilience plans, in case of incidents and emergencies
  • Assist and transport medical staff attending to the critically ill or sick, particularly expectant mothers in adverse weather conditions
  • To have a presence at local major events and be available to assist if an incident was to occur
  • Transport people, food, water, blood, organs or equipment in adverse weather conditions
  • Help to keep the local major road links clear during bad weather to allow the movement of emergency vehicles
  • Develop and maintain a professional and secure working relationship with the emergency services, some commercial companies, utility suppliers, town and district councils groups

Who We Help:

4x4a-snow-jan16During adverse weather conditions, 4×4 Assist Sussex supports local GP’s, midwives and other medical staff to reach their patients whatever the road conditions.

4×4 Assist helps with local emergencies, incidents and any event which could potentially result in the loss of life.

This can be anything from a water shortage/burst main, extended power cut, heavy snow, gale force winds, flooding and major incidents such as a train/plane crash.

We offer our assistance to local authorities when the local community needs addition support when emergency services are at full capacity.

During a search or rescue of a missing person, it is sometimes necessary to access hard to reach areas off the beaten track. Crews can help search teams look for missing people or get medical staff to a scene in rural Sussex if required.

During heavy snowfall, gale force winds or low level flooding, our volunteers are trained to target areas of Sussex which are likely to be more affected than others.

police-roadblockOn a volunteer basis, our drivers will be keeping a close eye on expected adverse weather conditions and prepare their vehicles to help where they can. This can be simply patrolling the main roads in the county to make sure they are passable by emergency services by assisting any broken down vehicles and other obstacles.

During flooding or high winds, 4×4 Assist Sussex can also help emergency crews with evacuation and patrol areas such as mobile home parks, local schools and hospitals to help whereever they can.

4×4 Assist Sussex can provide support at events where a large amount of people are expected, or 4×4 vehicles may be required to assist medical crews.

Our volunteers are trained in recovery, first aid and marshalling.

At 4×4 Assist Sussex, we value our volunteers for their additional skills and access to essential equipment.

Community Resilience is designed to help residents pull together at times when the emergency services are stretched to capacity. Therefore, we encourage all our drivers to declare other skills/services and access to machinery and equipment which could help their communities in a crisis.

For example, we have responders who own and are trained to use the following:

  • Chainsaw
  • Water pump
  • Quad bikes
  • UAV/Drone (CAA Licensed)

Some of our volunteers also have the following skills:

  • ROSPA and IAM Advanced driver trained
  • Security and Close Protection Driver trained


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